Gov’t demands international probe on mistreatment against COVID-19 cases

Gov’t demands international probe on mistreatment against COVID-19 cases

Alsahwa Net-The government demanded on Tuesday the United Nations (UN) to form an international fact-finding committee to expose the real situation about the spread of COVID-19 in the Houthis-held areas.

Spokesman of the government, Rageh Badi said in a press quote to the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper that the government is concerned about reported mistreatment against coronavirus cases in the Houthis-held territory.

News reports say that coronavirus patients admitted to hospitals were being returned dead amid doubts that the Houthis kill the patients using a fatal injection.

“There are talks that anyone enters Jibla Hospital in Ibb never returns alive and the body is buried without notifying family or relatives,” Badi said. 

“Therefore, we demand the UN and the international community to form a fact-find committee to identify what is happening in the Houthis-run hospitals,” he said.

He said that leaked reports suggest that the COVID-19 is spreading rapidly amid systematic elimination of the patients by the Houthis’ authority.

He added that the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) must assume responsibility by setting up fact-finding commissions to save lives of the COVID-19 cases.

The Health Minister of the Houthis-cabinet stated earlier that his group will not announce number of the COVID-19 active cases or deaths, but it will only report recovered cases.

“The truth is that the situation is disastrous in the Houthis-held areas as people and the media outlets speak bout concerning surge of corona death cases amid no care by the Houthis,” Badi said.

The pro-government journalist, Hamdan Al-Ali, said that the Houthis’ persistence on coverup of the COVID-19 epidemic represents one of the heinous crimes in modern history.

“This coverup deceives people whereby they believe the epidemic is not spreading and accordingly continue moving normally,” Al-Ali wrote on his Twitter account.

The number of COVID-19 cases reached by Tuesday 128 cases in the government-held areas among them 20 deaths and one recovered case amid no official information about the situation in the Houthis-held areas.

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