Gov’t official: Houthis confiscate COVID-19 medical supply

Gov’t official: Houthis confiscate COVID-19 medical supply

Alsahwa Net-The Minister of Information, Muamar Al-Eryani, said on Saturday that the Houthis plundered the COVID-19 medical supply.

“The Houthis plundered medical supplies sent by the WHO while en route to health offices in the Houthis-held governorates,” said Al-Eryani.

He indicated that the government provide medical supplies to all governorates including that Houthis -controlled areas which is part of its responsibility towards all Yemenis.

The Houthis distribute the looted COVID-19 medical supply to their leaders and supporters in favor of their activities and sell it in the market, according to Al-Eryani.

He called on the UN Special Envoy to Yemen and the World Health Organization (WHO) to condemn the Houthis’ plunder of the medical supplies and to pressure the Houthi militia leaders to release the seized medical materials to ensure its delivery to hospitals to contribute at countering the coronavirus outbreak.

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