Gov’t holds STC accountability to its persistent rebellion

Gov’t holds STC accountability to its persistent rebellion

Alsahwa Net-The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, said on Wednesday that the government attempted several times to deal in a good way with efforts towards implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement.

However, this cooperation was met by defiance and persistence on rebellion by the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The government and the STC signed early last November Al-Riyadh agreement which was intended to end the STC’s rebellion and reinstate the government to Aden.

The STC seized Aden last August and expelled the government out of the city.

However, no progress yet to implementation of the agreement except the converse development on declaration of self-rule of south Yemen by the STC late last April.

Al-Hadharmi said that the STC rebels have even obstructed the emergency teams set up by the health ministry to respond to the COVID-19 spread in Aden.

“The STC did not stop at its oppose to the government’s call … reverse its desperate action on the self-administration of south Yemen, but it persisted destabilization acts in Socotra and Abyan,” said Al-Hadhrami.

He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to Al-Riyadh agreement implementation as it is the safe road map.

Yet, he affirmed that the national army will assume responsibility towards protection of the homeland and defense of its territorial integrity against any armed rebellion.

He added that “reversal of the rebellion represents a good exit and that the STC must comply by the Al-Riyadh agreement, otherwise it must bear responsibility to consequences of its persistent rebellion.”


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