Gov’t warns again about Safer oil tanker

Gov’t warns again about Safer oil tanker

Alsahwa Net- The government held the Houthis rebels on Monday accountability to a potential environmental disaster that expected to take place in the Red Sea in case oil spilled out of the Safer Oil Tanker, anchored off Ras Isa oil port, north Hodeida city.

The tanker had not undergone any maintenance for over four years ago amid ban of the United Nations (UN) technical teams to access the tanker for repairing service.

“We hold the Houthis fully accountable to any environmental disaster in case the oil spilled out of the Safer Tanker as they declined all international mediation on the issue during the past period,” Rajeh Badi, spokesman of the government said.

“They [Houthis] told one of the mediators that they will not allow technical teams to access the tanker because they want to use it as a pressuring card against any advancement by the government’s forces in Hodeida,” he added.

“They [Houthus] have threatened to set the tanker on fire to cause an environmental disaster in the Red Sea to stop advancement of the government’s forces,” Badi said.

He appreciated the US Secretary of State who held the Houthis accountability to consequences of any oil spill of the Safer Tanker.

He demanded the UN to adopt the same American position to stop this “time-bomb” in the Red Sea.

The Safer Tanker holds over one million oil barrels and its potential oil spill threatens an imminent disaster in the Red Sea that will affect countries of the Red Sea, according to Shawqi Al-Mikhlafi, undersecretary of Yemen’s Oil Ministry.

He said that condition of the tanker has become a critical because of its old age and lack of maintenance.



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