Gov’t declares Aden infested city

Gov’t declares Aden infested city

Alsahwa Net-The Supreme National Emergency Committee for COVID-19 declared on Monday Aden infested city following increase of the Coronavirus cases and outbreak of other infectious diseases.

Confirmed registered COVID-19 cases in Aden reached by Monday 35 cases among them four deaths which increased total number cases in the government-held areas to 51 cases among them eight deaths, according to the committee.

The flooding resulted from heavy rains that hit Aden mid last month led to the outbreak of several infections and fevers.

The government appealed to the international community, donors and concerned international organizations to support the health system in Aden to contain the spread of the infections.

It formed a local emergency committee headed by undersecretary of Aden governorate, Mohammed Nasr Al-Shathli to respond to the epidemics.

It also suspended outgoing public transportation from Aden to other governorates with commercial transportation still being permitted.

The political and administrative status in Aden still obstruct efforts to respond to the epidemics as the separatists known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) declared late last month self-rule of south Yemen.

The government said that “the STC is leading Aden into a health catastrophe.”

It added that supply of personal protective items for medical workers will continue and approved an incentive system for volunteer health workers as well as medical teams of public health facilities.

In a related respect, the government condemned continued coverup by the Houthis on the COVID-19 spread which endangers citizens’ health and safety.

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