Gov’t supports anti-rebellion measures in Socotra

Gov’t supports anti-rebellion measures in Socotra

Alsahwa Net- The government vowed on Friday its support to the local authority of Socotra Archipelago against attempts of rebellion by the Aden-based separatists known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

it reaffirmed the need to deal strictly with any attempt to destabilize security and safety of the people.

It called on the international community and concerned organizations particularly the UNESCO to support the government against acts of sabotage that threaten Socotra which is one of the world heritages sites and a significant natural refuge.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)-backed STC militia staged several attempts of rebellion in Socotra despite the area being distant from the ongoing fighting between the Houthis rebels and the government’s forces.

Established in 2016 by the UAE, the STC declared late last April self-rule of the south Yemen and instructed its militants to overthrow the pro-government local authorities. 

Within its attempts for the so-called “self-administration” of south Yemen, the STC seized last week the state revenues in Aden and ordered that collected money must be sent to its bank account it created recently for this purpose.

The government said on Friday that such actions deepen sufferings of citizens in Aden.

It pronounced its rejection to such moves by the STC in Aden and called on the Saudi-led coalition to take action to stop the STC’s escalation.



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