Hospitals shut down in Aden

Hospitals shut down in Aden

Alsahwa Net- Majority of hospitals in Aden have shut down in the face of patients following reporting of five new coronavirus cases in the city.

Health workers left the public hospitals amid cautions that such action will exacerbate the health situation.

Local sources said that about 90 percent of public and private hospitals in Aden closed their doors due to shortage of medical equipment and personal protection items to respond to the COVID-19.

The emergency department of Al-Jumhoori Hospital which is one of the largest clinics in the city was seen vacant of first-responders, nurses and doctors.

The local sources said that the health workers left the emergency department in fear of receiving the COVID-19 cases in their ward.

Other private hospitals including the Aden-German Hospital, the International Gulf of Aden Hospital, Babel Specialized Hospital, Al-Hussaini Medical Center, Durat Al-Dar Hospital, Al-Saeedi Hospital, Al-Riyada Hospital, Al-Wali Hospital, Al-Naqeeb Hospital and Al-Jawad Medical Center have closed in the face of patients and refused receiving any case.

The action received popular condemnation and it was considered as a death sentence against thousands of patients in need for urgent health care.

Local sources demanded the local authority and the legitimate government to intervene swiftly to resolve the issue.

Health officials in Aden including spokesman of the health ministry and undersecretary of the health ministry declined to comment on the issue.

The action coincides with collapse of the health system in Aden amid outbreak of infections including the dengue fever and the COVID-19.

The recent flooding caused by heavy rains has compounded the situation where the rainwater and the wastewater accumulated together on roads and streets due to the lack of maintenance and lack of drainage system.

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