UN: Cholera threatens over five million children in Yemen

UN: Cholera threatens over five million children in Yemen

Alsahwa Net-The United Nations (UN) said on Wednesday that over 5 million children under the age of five in Yemen are facing a heightened threat of preventable diseases including cholera and Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) amid potential risk of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) indicated that recent interruption of access to clean water which is caused by increasing heavy rains since mid-April, will lead to new cholera outbreak among vulnerable groups particularly children.  

Over 110,000 cases of suspected cholera have been recorded across 290 of Yemen’s 331 districts since January 2020.

Children under the age of five account for a quarter of the recorded cases.

This comes as Yemen grapples with the impact of the global COVID-19 amid fears of the outbreak of the pandemic.

A statement released by the UN relief website quoted the UNICEF Representative in Yemen, Sara Beysolow Nyanti saying that “Children in Yemen continue to face a myriad of threats to their survival. A further spread of cholera, high levels of malnutrition and outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases compounded by COVID-19 will only exacerbate the burden that children and their families already face”.

“A tragedy continues to unfold in Yemen in the full glare of the world”, she added.

Recent heavy rains and flash floods in Aden, Abyan, Lahj and Sana’a city have interrupted access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities and destroyed homes and displaced families, providing a perfect recipe for the spread of cholera, according to the UN statement.

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