US Ambassador: STC’s declaration will aggravate instability

US Ambassador: STC’s declaration will aggravate instability

Alsahwa Net- Ambassador of the United States to Yemen, Christopher Henzel expressed on Tuesday his concern towards the recent actions taken by the Aden-based separatists known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The STC declared last Saturday state of emergency and self-rule of south Yemen following calls by Arab and foreign diplomats for swift implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement.

 “Unilateral steps like this only exacerbate instability in Yemen,” Henzel said in a statement published by the US Embassy to Yemen on its Twitter account.

“They are especially unhelpful at a time when the country is threatened by COVID-19, and also threaten to complicate the efforts of the UN Special Envoy to revive political negotiations between the government and the Houthis rebels,” he said.  

He called on the STC to reengage in the political process provided under the Al-Riyadh agreement.

The Al-Riyadh agreement was signed by the government and the STC early last November following armed rebellion by the latter against the government in August 2019.

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