GCC calls for urgent completion of Al-Riyadh agreement implementation

GCC calls for urgent completion of Al-Riyadh agreement implementation

Alsahwa Net- The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) called on Monday for prompt implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement and halt of any escalatory activities and actions.


Secretary General of the GCC, Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf affirmed the need to respond to the statement of the Saudi-led coalition on necessity to bring back the situation in Aden to the previous status and to cancel any step that violates Al-Riyadh agreement.


Al-Hajraf stressed on importance of urgent implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement that should unify Yemenis towards the return of the state.


He expressed his hope that these efforts will halt all escalatory actions and set up conditions to the implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement including the formation of a technocrat government that should performs its duties from the interim capital Aden.


He indicated that implementation of the agreement has become an urgent to respond to the economic challenges and address impacts of the flooding that hit Aden as well as to counter risks of the COVID-19 outbreak.


He called on all Yemenis to put interest of the Yemeni people first and to unify efforts towards the state retrieval through a political solution which should be based on the GCC initiative, its implementation mechanism, the national dialogue conference document and the UN Security Council Resolution 2216.

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