UN calls for swift implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement

UN calls for swift implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations (UN) called on Monday for a swift implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement and halt of escalation.

 “The latest turn of events is disappointing, especially as the city of Aden and other areas in the south have yet to recover from flooding and are facing the risk of COVID-19”, said the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths.

The comment made by Griffiths followed Saturday’s declaration of emergency state and self-rule of south Yemen by the Aden-based separatists known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

He called for acceleration of the Riyadh Agreement implementation with the support of the Saudi-led Coalition.

Griffiths said that the successful implementation of this agreement will deliver benefits to the people in south Yemen, particularly in terms of improved public services and security.

He said that “all political actors must cooperate in good faith, refrain from taking escalatory actions, and put the interests of Yemenis first”.

“The Riyadh Agreement provides for the participation of the STC in consultations on the final political solution to end the conflict in Yemen and serving the interests of Yemenis nation-wide,” he added.

The government of Yemen held on Sunday the STC and its leaders in Abu Dhabi of the UAE, accountability to rejection of the Al-Riyadh agreement implementation.

The government said that the STC’s declaration of the state of emergency and self -administration is a continuation of its armed rebellion that began last August. 

For its part, the Saudi-led coalition said that it opposes the STC’s declaration and renewed calls for implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement.

The Al-Riyadh agreement which was signed by the government and the STC early last November is intended to end rebellion in Aden and restore the government’s rule.   

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