Gov’t: STC’s declaration is blatant coup

Gov’t: STC’s declaration is blatant coup

Alsahwa Net- The government of Yemen said on Sunday that the Saturday’s declaration of emergency state and self-administration of south Yemen by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) forms a blatant coup against the legitimate government.

It held leaders of the STC accountability to their rejection of Al-Riyadh agreement implementation and consequences of their rebellion.  

It indicated that declaration of the state of emergency and self-administration is continuation of the armed rebellion which took place in August 2019.

It said that the STC did so in an attempt to escape from consequences of its failure to provide service to citizens in Aden who experience full collapse of the public service brought by the STC’s rebellion.

It renewed its call to the Saudi-led coalition to assume responsibility for Yemen’s unity and integrity of its territory and to support the government against any destructive plot.

It called on the international community, the United Nations (UN), the Arab League, Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to condemn this coup and support the legitimate government in line to the UN Security Council Resolutions that affirm Yemen’s unity and integrity of its territory. 

It appreciated unified position by local authorities and people of the southern governorates who stand united against any plot that damages unity of the country and for their support to the government to counter all forms of rebellion.


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