Yemen: An outstanding testimony on UN failure

Yemen: An outstanding testimony on UN failure



By Sarah Hassan

It is about five years since the UN issued a resolution calling for ending the Houthi seizure of power, restoring the government and banning of the militia's armament. Today the Houthis control northwest Yemen unchallenged and are the only warring party that imports arms normally and develops ballistic missiles.

With the progress of time, the UN not only spared the Shia extremists the accountability for the coup and the years of horrific abuses, but has from the beginning showed an interest in giving them a carte blanche to do whatever they want: The UN has avoided enforcing its resolutions on them, allowing them to sabotage too many ceasefire deals and establish a routine of horrific abuses against civilians with no accountability in return.

Demonstrating, in effect, an interest to confer a mantle of authority upon the Shia militia, the UN ignored several calls by the Yemeni government in the past to move its offices from the Houthi-held Sana'a to the temporary capital Aden.

Demonstrating a hardcore ideological bias in favor of the militia, the UN granted them a number of times financial donations in the name of "mine clearance" assistance despite the fact that Houthis are the only warring party in Yemen that uses landmines as a war tactic. Official sources say the total landmines planted since early 2015 have exceeded one million and killed and injured hundreds of Yemeni civilians alongside soldiers.

Earlier on Sunday, the Southern Transitional Council which was built, armed and enabled to mount a new coup in the south - under the watchful eye of the UN - declared self-rule on Sunday violating the post-coup Riyadh Agreement. The UN did not say a word!   

Yemen is an outstanding testimony on the failure and conspiracy of the United Nations in the Arab world.

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