Houthi extremists' war is literally endless

Houthi extremists' war is literally endless





By Sarah Hassan

The fact that the Houthis are intending to keep fighting the oppositionist Yemenis until submission or forever seems to be widely ignored by Yemenis and non-Yemenis alike

As a Zaydi Shia organization, the Houthi group was formed in the 1990s to pursue - through "Jihad" - the "God-given right" for Houthi dynasty to rule.

The organization besieging government-held cities in the country's center and east since March 2015 has since been attempting to capture those cities on a daily and weekly basis.

In spite of the fact that the government's announced and popular goal is "Liberating Yemen", the government's forces have over the past six years been in a defense mode and have repelled literally hundreds of advance attempts by the maximalist and diehard religious fighters recurring on a semi-daily basis.

These two weeks alone (from 9-23 April) while the Arab Coalition and government unilaterally ceased and announced cease-fire, the group did not give a damn and kept attempting dozens of times to make incursions in the front of Marib and Taiz, the government's last two strongholds in the east and the center of the country.

No ceasefires, no foreign pressures, no Islamic occasions, no weather extremes, no manpower constraints and no nothing can make them cease the attempts.

When the UN peace mediator visited Marib last month and called for ceasefire, they kept firing rockets in that same day and the following days.

In one of incursions during the last ceasefire, militants from the organization's best-trained and most extremist Battalions of Hussein sneaked in droves toward the peripheries of Marib exploiting the torrential rains in the city's northeast with the aim of taking the city by surprise.

Likewise in Taiz, Houthi incursion attempts have been taking place on a daily and semi-daily basis to capture the last outlet of the besieged city. The government forces only keep repelling and boasting successful pushbacks of the militants.

What makes the Houthi war seem endless is the fact that the organization with compulsory and deceitful recruitment methods faces no shortage of fighters.

In some of the incursion operations, the organization deploy several hundreds of fighters to capture a strategic mountain. They use the Iranian warfare method of Alkamoom which depends on flooding the target outpost with fighters who apply a strict Iranian military rule of running in a suicidal bravery toward the enemy without ever paying attention to colleagues that get wounded or any distraction of any kind.

Some families who have members missing in the militant-controlled areas know of their child's recruitment by Houthis only when their body is returned as a corps from the warfront. It is also expected that Houthis as long as they have  control on a territory, they will keep attempting on the govt's for ever and ever.

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