US media maintain non-stopping propaganda for Yemen's Shia extremists

US media maintain non-stopping propaganda for Yemen's Shia extremists


By Sarah Hassan


As if they take turns, every once in a while a new US media outlet appears with a propaganda designed to serve the purpose of the Shia sectarian Jihadists – known as Houthis.

Most recently, on April 21, the US FDD's Long War, a news journal, came up with a report that claims that the Houthis who are fighting the government and pro-democracy Yemenis for six years have captured an Al Qaeda base in Aljawf, a desert province and a war front in the country's northeast. The report is entitled: "Houthis Capture Al Qaeda base in northern Yemen".     

The Yemeni government has warned many times that Houthis - way stronger and responsible for too much more bloodshed than any other organization in Yemen -  do have proven ties with the internationally known terrorist organization and have joint and adjacent territories of military control with them in Yemen's center.

Despite that, the US media never consider the government's narrative and, in their reports about Yemen's developments, tend to ignore the legitimate government's existence altogether. 

 In Yemen, everyone knows the Houthis use "Qaedi and Daeshi" accusations against their opponents as the strongest smear they can find. They denote members of the army, peaceful activists and journalists, President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and - on a daily basis in their areas of control- any person they perceive to dislike the militant group as Qaedi or Daeshi. Absolutely any Houthi militant, upon his discretion, can call anyone Daeshi!. These are the facts in Houthi-controlled Yemen. And the Houthi militants have a record of manipulating their own controlled Al Qaeda and ISIL cells – since 2014 - to carry out well-studied attacks and territory control claims as a way to confuse the political landscape.   

Unfortunately many US and western media unify their reports regarding terrorism in Yemen with the Houthi perspective without a sense of shame.


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