Saudi ambassador: Al-Riyadh agreement must be implemented

Saudi ambassador: Al-Riyadh agreement must be implemented

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al-Jaber, said on Wednesday that implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement is a must to unify efforts for overcoming all humanitarian, economic and security challenges in Yemen.

Al-Jaber wrote that on his Twitter account on a comment he made on the flooding that hit Aden this week and led to human loss and property damage.

The flooding killed eight people and damaged 66 houses.

“We support our brothers in Yemen particularly in Aden to counter all challenges including the heavy rains,” said Al-Jaber.

“Implementation of Al-Riyad agreement is a must to unify efforts and overcome all the challenges as well as to restore the public service to everyone,” he said.

Security and the public service deteriorated in Aden city following seizure of the city early last August by armed separatists known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The government and the STC signed early last November Al-Riyadh agreement to end the present rebellion and restore the government’s rule.

However, the agreement has not been implemented yet amid accusation by the government that the STC procrastinates implementation of the agreement. 

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