Floods sweep away people, houses in Aden

Floods sweep away people, houses in Aden

Alsahwa Net-Torrential rains and high winds hit on Tuesday’s morning Aden city and led to human casualties and property damages.

The floods injured several citizens among them three children when washed away by the flooding.

The injured people were taken to the hospital, but they are in critical condition.

The floods damaged several houses and commercial shops.

Residents of Crater district have appealed for a swift help as their houses came underwater.

One week ago, heavy rains and floods hit several Yemeni governorates including Marib and Sana’a governorate and caused human loss and property damage, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported on Tuesday.

“There is a risk that the rains will damage roads and agricultural land, hinder humanitarian activities and affect the movement of civilians and supplies,” a report by the OCHA said.

“There is also an increased risk of waterborne diseases including cholera and malaria,” it said.

In Marib, the heavy rain and high winds damaged on 15 April parts of the city and 16 sites for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) across the governorate, according to the OCHA.

The Executive Unit for IDPs said that the flooding in Marib killed seven people among them five women and two children.

Nearly 100 people were injured, including seven who were seriously injured and hospitalized, according to the IDPs’ Unit.

The National Meteorology Centre in Sana’a has forecasted more heavy rains, high winds and thunderstorms in the northern areas, with potential of further flooding, according to the OCHA report.

The meteorology center advised people to avoid flood-prone areas and against using mobile phones during thunderstorms.


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