Foreign Minster cautions against collapse of Stockholm agreement

Foreign Minster cautions against collapse of Stockholm agreement

Alsahwa Net-The Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, cautioned on Tuesday against failure of the Stockholm agreement on Hodeida because of mounting Houthis’ military activities in other fronts.

Al-Hadhrami said that the government will not accept that the Houthis’ use of the Hodeida agreement for expansion in other areas.

He said that the government suspended participation of its representatives to the UN Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) following death of one government’s member due to injuries he sustained in shooting by a Houthis sniper while on duty.

Colonel, Mohammed A-Sulaihi, a government member of the Monitoring officers in Hodeida died on 18 April due to serious injuries he sustained while on duty in Hodeida.

Al-Hadhrami said that suspension of the government’s representatives will continue until perpetrators to Al-Sulaihi’s death are being disclosed and that headquarters of the UN Hodeida Mission being relocated to a neutral site.

He voiced this during a phone call with the German State Minister for Foreign Affairs Niels Annen, the state-run Saba News Agency reported.

Al-Hadhrami expressed Yemen’s solidarity with Germany in the fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic that threatens the entire world.

He indicated that Yemen faces a great challenge in responding to the epidemic amidst the ongoing war caused by the Houthis’ rebels.

He reaffirmed the government’s determination for peace based on the three agreed references.

He indicated that while the government responded positively to the UN ceasefire calls, the Houthis went defiant against the unilateral truce initiated by the Saudi-led coalition.

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