Gov’t condemns Houthis’ incitement against aid organizations

Gov’t condemns Houthis’ incitement against aid organizations

Alsahwa Net- The government of Yemen criticized constant incitement by the Houthis rebels against international aid organizations operating in the country.

Minister of the Local Administration and chief of the Supreme Relief Committee, Abdulraqeeb Fath deplored systematic continuation of threats and incitement by the rebels against the international aid organizations and the UN agencies operating in the Houthis-held governorates.

He said that such acts hinder the humanitarian intervention and negatively affect the most vulnerable groups who are in urgent need for constant support. 

Fath said that the rebels attempt to extort the aid agencies by threatening them to divert the humanitarian work for their side and their military effort.

He called on the humanitarian aid organizations to continue their intervention programs as the humanitarian needs in the country are big and require collective international efforts by using safe delivery methods to access the needy people.

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