Western media: Too much bias makes blind

Western media: Too much bias makes blind


By Sarah Hassan

In an article entitled "Fighting escalates in Yemen despite coronavirus ceasefire" published on 14th April, the Guardian features the picture you see on the left. The subtitle beneath it reads: "Residents pick up their way through a damaged street in the Yemeni capital Sana'a …"

Apparently the Guardian's too much passion to cast the coalition's airstrikes in a negative light impaired the its rational in what credible picture to choose for the story. The picture displays muddy soil turned over in the middle of the road and skips intact buildings and infrastructure on the sides

And this picture and claim of damage is drawn on Houthi narrative of Coalition strike on the "city" in the previous day(s).

Two days before this story, Houthis ordered the execution of four journalists long detained and tortured in the jails of the Shia religious terrorist organization governing Sana'a.

Local websites published the picture (on the right) of the journalists' children staging a rally before the UN office in Sana'a. The banner they hold reads: "I having my sixth Eid festivity without my father."


The story and pictures were the perfect ingredients for a human-interest story according to the western guide-style of journalistic writing.

But the news - of death sentence against journalists - in all its intensity could come up with only very few stories in the western media. The Guardian in particular ran a story on the matter under the title: "Four journalists in Yemen sentenced to death for spying" !

The protest of the families especially the continual protests the of anguished children of the journalists garnered no mentioning by any website.

As usual, the western media ignore widely known, clear stories of human rights abuse at the hands of Houthis, while making "human-interest stories" of the Houthi claims on collateral damages.

Biased in excess, the outlets no longer check the story's credibility or discern whether the picture supports the story's claim.


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