Houthis abduct ex-minister

Houthis abduct ex-minister

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis abducted on Sunday the former minister of culture, Khaled Al-Rowishan, from his residence in the capital Sana’a and took him to an unknown destination.

Al-Rowishan’s son wrote on his Facebook page that the Houthis’ abducted his father from home, but provided no more details on the incident.

Prior the abduction, the Houthis waged incitement media campaign against Al-Rowishan on the social media platforms over his anti-Houthis activism.

The internationally recognized government headed by President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi condemned the abduction and said that the act reminds of bygone practices by the imamates’ rule.

Advisor of President Hadi, Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr, said that the Houthis committed “a new stupid act when abducted Al-Rowishan.

“Yahya Hamid Al-Din [former king of north Yemen] and his son had done it before the Houthis. They threw the free Yemeni men in prison, but the act never prevented the revolution and the change,” said Bin Daghr.

He said that today there is no space for new slavery in Yemen even if it was disguised falsely with the religion.

Al-Rowishan is a prominent poet and writer who never stopped criticizing the Houthis’ practices and crimes.

For his part, the Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani, deplored strongly Al-Rowishan’s abduction and said that the incident reflects “savage of the Houthis militia and lack of values.”

He added that the Houthis never accepts any voice that opposes their practices.

He demanded the international community, the United Nations (UN), the UN Secretary General and his special envoy to Yemen to condemn this crime that reveals the true position of the group towards the de-escalation efforts.

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