Campaigners slam Griffiths’ briefing on Yemen

Campaigners slam Griffiths’ briefing on Yemen

Alsahwa net- The International Campaign for the Prisoners’ release in Yemen slammed on Saturday the recent briefing made by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths.

“The briefing made by the UN Special Envoy to the UN Security Council was deficient, biased and unprofessional,” a statement by the campaigners said.

It explained that the briefing ignored speaking on the ongoing hostile acts by the Houthis militia where they launched several bombings against residential areas in several governorates.

It said that Griffiths failed to highlight Houthis ’continuous bombing using ballistic missiles following the ceasefire declaration until Griffiths’ delivered his briefing.

When briefing the UNSC on the Yemen’s situation, Griffiths focused only on the COVID-19 risks and ignored the Houthis’ crimes and their rejection to the truce.

It said that the Houthis continued launching attacks in Taiz and Marib using artillery shelling against commitment to the ceasefire by the government’s forces.

It indicated that one of the issues that were never covered by Griffiths’ briefing is the death sentenced passed against the detained journalists.

The Houthis ruled last week four Yemeni detained journalists to death.

“The death ruling represents a political death order and not a judiciary sentence as it came from a Houthis-run court that previously handed the same ruling against 170 Houthis political opponents among them parliamentarians, journalists and female political activists,” the campaigners said.

It added that Griffiths ignored continuation of the Houthis’ detention of the Baha’is activists despite their pledge to release them.

“The unrelease of the Baha’is stands as an evidence to the Houthis’ attempts to falsify the international public opinion towards their acts,” the activists said.

Griffiths never reminded the UNSC about the need for lifting the Houthis’ siege on Taiz city which has been one of the key humanitarians’ issues on the Yemeni humanitarian agenda since signing of the Stockholm agreement. 

“This biasness is an evidence of practicing g impaired standards,” the campaigners said.

It called on Griffiths to do his job in line to his mandate as it is outlined in the resolution of his designation in a way that reflects real suffering and serious demands of all the Yemeni civilians without siding or biasness.  

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