Coalition reports 114 Houthis anti-ceasefire violations

Coalition reports 114 Houthis anti-ceasefire violations

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi-led coalition reported on Friday that the Houthis committed 114 violations to the ceasefire in Yemen in the past 24 hours.

The coalition reported on Thursday other 100 violations committed by the Houthis to the ceasefire in several warfronts.

The anti-ceasefire violations included hostile military attacks using different kinds of heavy and light weapons, the coalition said.

“We exercise maximum levels of self-restraint to the rules of clashing with maintaining the right of legal reply for self-defense in the fighting fronts,” the coalition said.

It affirmed its commitment to the ceasefire and its support to the efforts by the UN Special envoy to Yemen to achieve the peace in Yemen.

In this respect, the Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Abdullah Al-Sa’adi, called on the international community and the UN Security Council to exercise more pressures on the Houthis to accept the unilateral ceasefire with no preconditions. 

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