Detainees’ female relatives held sit-ins in six governorates

Detainees’ female relatives held sit-ins in six governorates

Alsahwa Net- Female relatives of the arbitrary detainees held on Saturday  sit-ins in six governorates demanding release of their family members.

The sit-in took place in Sana’a, Aden, Hodeida, Taiz, Ibb and Marib where women raised their kids appealing for saving lives of their detained relatives against the spread of the COVID-19.

Hundreds of the civilian arbitrary detainees who were abducted from home or their workplaces remain in prison because of their political beliefs and political belongings.

The Abductees’ Mothers Association who organized the sit-in, said in a statement that 1,649 citizens remain in confinement in the Houthis-run prison.

Around 34 arbitrary detainees remain in prison in Aden by the southern armed separatists.

 It indicated that the Houthis armed group still holds other 270 forcibly disappeared people and the southern rebels detain 40 forcible disappeared people. 

About 71 abductees were tortured to death in prison or shot dead while in detention, according to the association.

14 detainees died in prison because of no access to healthcare in prison, the association said.

The Stockholm agreement that was signed in late 2018 by the government and the Houthis which stipulates release of all detainees and prisoners has never been implemented yet as both parties stuck at the exchanging of lists of the prisoners for release.

The association condemned the death ruling by the Houthis against four detained journalists and said that it is “an illegal execution”.

It added that the Houthis previously ruled 47 political detainees to death following a summary unfair trial among them students and academicians.

Scores of the arbitrary detainees were also killed by the Saudi-led warplanes that “deliberately targeted detention facilities, according to the association.

The United Nations (UN) Secretary general, the UN Security Council and the UN Special Envoy to Yemen called recently for release of all male and female abductees and detainees and to deal strictly with anyone involved in abduction and arbitrary detention.

The UN called also for release of the detainees as a health measure against the spread and the COVID-19.

The association renewed its demand to the Houthis, southern armed men in Aden, and the government forces to immediately release all detainees with no condition.

It said that women including mothers, wives and children to the detainees suffered too much in the past period where several happy occasions were gone without seeing their loved ones.

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