Will today's lie be tomorrow's story?

Will today's lie be tomorrow's story?



By Sarah Hassan

I am seeing a lie now, the seed for a story. A yellow news Yemeni website is narrating that a Yemeni man living abroad had been chattinhg with his mom by phone yesterday when an Arab Coalition strike hit her in her house in Sana'a turning her body into pieces.

The website gives no more details, no picture, no nothing. Just that seed for a story. Perhaps a big story in the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Middle East Monitor or the Antiwar. Who knows? Let's just search for "Yemen" in google news tomorrow Friday.  

Lies regarding the civilian casualty incidents begin like a seed, then they are translated and passed by pro-Houthi lobby to the international press, translated, exaggerated and sensationalized and presented as eye-catching headlines to fabricate a Houthi victimhood cause and to twist the arms of the Yemeni legitimate government.  

Although civilian casualties are a matter of fact in every war, in Yemen's case the issue is highly exaggerated and narratives are completely messed with to present Houthis as victims.

So I will not be surprised to see the lie a story tomorrow. There are too many precedents. The latest before this is the alleged "massacre" of horses in Sana'a.  

To sum up how the international press handle Yemen: Houthis make the lies, media give automatic credence and publish.


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