Committed by Houthis, this crime won't be reported by western media

Committed by Houthis, this crime won't be reported by western media


 By Sarah Hassan

The western media which continuously present stories of civilian casualties from a sensationalized and biased (pro-Houthi) point of view will certainly fail to write about this heinous Houthi atrocity

The militants besieging the central Yemen Taiz for six years and killing civilians there on a semi-daily basis killed today one person and injured seven others five of them seriously.

Military sources said the theocratic militants "fired five mortar rounds on neighborhoods in the east of the city", in an unprovoked attack.

A source said the militants are even mobilizing fighters to the west of the city "as part of attempts around the year to block the last open road and make the siege a full circle."

Today's attack, however, is the latest of the continuous Houthi violations of the government's and Arab Coalition's ceasefire declared a week ago as a unilateral gesture of peace

While every story of civilian casualties attributed to the Arab Coalition's strikes are given automatic credence by western media, the Iran-backed militants' atrocities are mostly ignored as if they don' happen.

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