Gov’t: Houthis’ escalation hinders peace efforts

Gov’t: Houthis’ escalation hinders peace efforts

Alsahwa Net- The government of Yemen said on Wednesday that the Houthis insist on their hinderance of the UN peace efforts and calls for collective efforts to counter the Coronavirus pandemic.

The cabinet of the internationally recognized government praised efforts made by the national military and the popular resistance in foiling constant Houthis attacks against the government’s forces in various warfronts.

It criticized tolerance by the international community towards the Houthis’ acts which encourages the Houthis to continue the peace hinderance.

The Houthis rejected a two-week truce declared by the Saudi-led coalition and the government and mounted their military attacks against the government forces in Al-Jawf, Serwah of Marib, Al-Baida and Hodeida.

The government’s forces managed on Wednesday morning to recapture Al-Khenjer camp in Kheb Al-Sha’f, north Al-Jawf following brief seizure of the camp by the Houthis militants.

Over 20 Houthis fighters were killed on Tuesday when attempted to infiltrate into the government forces’ posts in Al-Jawf.

In Al-Baida, the national military forces backed by local tribesmen managed to liberate new areas from the Houthis militia following Wednesday’s early morning clashes with the rebels.

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