RSF decries death sentence ruled by Houthis against Yemeni journalists

RSF decries death sentence ruled by Houthis against Yemeni journalists

Alsahwa Net- Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemned on Tuesday the death sentence that a Houthi-run court ruled against four Yemeni journalists.

It called for immediate release of the detained journalists who have been in detention since 2015.

It warned that “the journalists could be executed at any moment.”

The four journalists, Abdul Khaleq Amran, Akram Al-Walidi, Hareth Hamed and Tawfiq Al-Mansouri, were part of a group of ten journalists who were tried on 11 April on charges of spying on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

“Neither their families nor their lawyers were notified about the trial,” the RSF said.

Sabrina Bennoui, the head of RSF’s Middle East desk said that “These utterly unacceptable convictions are worthy of a bygone area and must be overturned without delay”.

 “The death sentences are typical of the way the Houthi rebels have systematically persecuted journalists and are indicative of a readiness to use summary justice to settle scores with all critical media. Neither the sentences nor the arbitrary detention of all ten journalists since 2015 can be justified. They must be freed,” she said.

Yemen is ranked 167th out of 180 countries in the RSF’s 2019 World Press Freedom Index.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) expressed on Monday its deep concern towards the death order by the Houthis militia against the four Yemeni detained journalists.

For its part, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) said on Saturday that murderers of journalists will be brought to justice by the International Criminal Court and warned against harming lives of the Yemeni journalists.

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