Western media keep audience in the dark about Houthi crimes like this

Western media keep audience in the dark about Houthi crimes like this


Western media keep their audience in the dark about Yemen's Shia extremists' daily crimes like the one narrated here and reported by several Yemeni news websites.

The theocratic fighters known as Houthis kidnapped an oppositionist tribal chieftain, known as Abdullah Ahmed al-Marzooqi, near his house in Mukayras in the southern province of Abyan on Monday, took him to the other side of the district, strapped his body with a bomb and blew him up. Upon hearing the explosion, local people rushed to the scene and found the man's body dismembered and strewn in blood.

Such crime and non-stopping frequent atrocities by the Iran-backed militia go unreported, although made-up and exaggerated Houthi stories of casualties among civilians on the militia's side are given automatic credence by US and European news websites.

A landmark example of the western media's slanted coverage is the persistent decrying of the blockade that the Arab Coalition imposes on Sana'a airport to prevent Houthi smuggling in of arms. These outlets, on the other hand, ignore totally the six year siege the extremists have imposed around the pro-government and third largest Yemeni city of Taiz in the country southwest.    

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