Death orders against journalists threatens Yemenis’ lives

Death orders against journalists threatens Yemenis’ lives

Alsahwa Net- The death orders released by the Houthis against four detained journalists stand as solid indicators of human rights deterioration in the Houthis-held territory.

They stand as an additional evidence that the continuation of the Houthis’ coup represents a serious threat to lives of the citizens in Sana’a and several other Yemeni cities.

As a group of murderers and thieves, the Houthis do not believe in human rights and Yemeni are no safer of murder, abduction and torture unless this militia has been demilitarized and the state has been retrieved. 

Thousands of civilians, politicians and journalists will remain in danger of murder and massacre that come in the form of orders being released by the militants veiled with the judiciary if the coup continues in place. 

The Houthis will make the execution as a tool of crackdown against their political opponents exactly like the Khamenei regime in Iran. 

And it is really annoying to see no action or even an interest on the issue of the detained journalist by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths.

The issue is not in Griffiths’ s agenda fort his frequent visits to Sana’a, the base of the Houthis’ rebels.

In fact, Griffiths himself does not concern about it despite the horrific things committed in the Houthis-run prisons.

For their part, the UN agencies insist on operating from Sana’a, but go blind to the journalists’ execution and shake hands with the Houthis officials despite their wrongdoings and war crimes against the humanity.

They will be all condemned by the history for their disappointing position to the death orders against the detained journalists and their silence to their detention for so many years for no valid reason.

It is interesting to indicate that the the death sentence coincides with failure of the Houthis’ plot to besiege Marib.

They did the same thing nearly one year ago. They sentenced 30 academics to death when their sabotage in Al-Ashraf area of Marib was failed by the government’s forces.

It seems that we will see new death orders against prisoners of conscience whenever the Houthis fail to advance towards Marib.

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