Detained journalists’ families appeal for swift international action

Detained journalists’ families appeal for swift international action

Alsahwa Net- Families of the detained journalists held by the Houthis rebels appealed on Monday for a swift international help for release of their sons who face a death sentence ruled recently by their abductors.

In a letter directed to the advocates of the expression freedom and human rights defenders around the world, they said that lives of their detained sons are at a great risk following the death sentence ruled by the rebels against four journalists.

“You all shall be aware that we count hours and days waiting for your urgent action to save lives of our detained journalists,” a letter signed by families of the detained journalists read.

“As we place too much hope on you, we wish that we could celebrate the release of our sons by next 9 June and we owe gratitude to your efforts,” the letter said.

 “You will not disappoint us; you will not do, we trust you,” the letter added.

“We do not want to ask you to place yourselves in the position of our sons. It is really lumping, and we do not accept any journalist’s family in any part of the world to experience the same lump,” the letter said.

“We pray to Allah to sustain safety of every journalist. Yet, we are suffering a black injustice. We seek your support for the cause of sons. We seek your commitment to the defense of the human rights defenders.”

“We appeal to you to exert a prompt role by moving beyond the writing to the feeling of our suffering to bring about a collective lobbying action to save lives of our sons and put an end to their suffering” the letter concluded.

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