Official: Houthis destroyed the state economy for their own benefit

Official: Houthis destroyed the state economy for their own benefit

Alsahwa Net-The Minister of Oil, Aws Al-Oud, has stated that the Houthis have destroyed the state economy for their own hidden one to prolong their fighting against the government.

Al-Oud said this in a press interview with the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper where he demonstrated that the Houthis use the state income in their territory for their own benefit.

“They [the Houthis] imposed several taxes and payoffs on goods and services which increased the burden on citizens who live in the unliberated areas” said Al-Oud.

He highlighted that the Houthis who control the Ras Issa oil port, north Hodeida, have been banning a technical team of the United Nations (UN) to unload the Safer oil tanker which has been docking in the Red Sea for five years.

The UN Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs informed the UN Security Council several times about the Houthis’ defiance and their rejection to permit the UN technical team to access the oil tanker, according to Al-Oud.

“There will be huge environmental disaster and bad economic and humanitarian consequences when the oil spills out of the Safer tanker” Al-Oud said.

He indicated that the marine resources in the Red Sea are at a great threat as a result of the contamination that the oil spill will bring. 

He indicated that the Yemen’s economy is in an urgent need for international fiscal support to overcome this bad phase and move to the economic growth that meets aspirations of the people.

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