Gov’t spokesman: We will not allow Houthis to use truce for redeployment

Gov’t spokesman: We will not allow Houthis to use truce for redeployment

Alsahwa Net- Spokesman of the government Rageh Badi, said that the Houthis responded to the truce declared by the government and the Saudi-led coalition with open mounting military escalation.

“The UN Special Envoy must move swiftly. We will not accept that the Houthis use the truce for their military redeployment or continue targeting our forces,” Badi said in a statement quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper.

Following the announcement of the ceasefire, the Houthis launched several large-scale military attacks against the government forces in Serwah of Marib, Al-Jawf and Haradh of Hajja according to Badi.

He explained that the Houthis instigated the fighting in Haradh that used to see relative calm during the past period.

The Houthis fired on Sunday a ballistic missile targeted a residence of a pro-government tribal leader in Marib.

“It is a serious escalation and our forces are able to respond and deal with these attacks” Badi said.

He indicated that the UN welcoming to the ceasefire must be reflected on serious actions to stop the Houthis’ exploit of the truce.

 The Saudi-led coalition declared a unilateral two-week ceasefire that began on 9 April in response to the United Nations (UN) Secretary General’s call for a ceasefire in Yemen to enable collective response to counter risks of the COVID-19.

Badi said that the truce was intended to unify efforts of the parties in Yemen to bring about security and stability for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic that exhausted great states.

“In Yemen, resources are scarce which makes it harder for responding to the COVID-19 spread,” Badi said.

Houthis take prisoners to fight in warfronts

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis rebels have released a group of prisoners in Ibb confined for serious cases including murder crimes and send them to warfronts to fight against the government.

Sources said that the Houthis officials in Ibb had a deal with several prisoners held in the Central Prison of Ibb that they would be freed in return to go fighting for the Houthis’ side.

Other prisoners were freed for payment of huge amounts of money, the sources said.

So far, the total reported number of the freed prisoners reached 200 inmates including people imprisoned for premeditated murder cases.

Some families to the prisoners paid money to the Houthis’ leaders for the release of their relatives using the pretext of fighting the spread of the coronavirus, the sources said.

The Houthis had previously released several convicts of murder crimes in Ibb during the past years for joining the Houthis’ forces.

However, the Houthis’ efforts to counter the COVID-19 spread in prisons did not include thousands of civilian detainees who are imprisoned for their political activism.

The Houthis refuse release of the political detainees despite sit-ins by families to the detainees and local and international appealing for their release over risks of the COVID-19 spread in detention centers.

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