Yemen ceasefire receives support among western media, not Shia fighters

Yemen ceasefire receives support among western media, not Shia fighters



By Sarah Hassan


The unilaterally declared ceasefire by the Yemeni government and the Arab Coalition fighting Houthis on Thursday is receiving wide support in many western media not among the warring party of Shia Houthis!


As is the tradition of western media to celebrating any relief moments that comes to the Houthis when embattled, the Foreign Policy is presenting to favorable public notice the cessation of airstrikes from the Coalition's side without caring if Yemen's lethal diehard Jihadists are ever interested in a reciprocal move. 

An article in the American news publication - entitled "The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Be the Key to Peace in Yemen" - makes a side trip from its topic, arguing that "Saudi Arabia is right to prioritize a political solution that includes a bilateral settlement of terms with" the militants to "get out" of the quagmire.  

The FP doesn't note that Saudi Arabia and Yemen's government are stuck with maximalist theocratic Jihadists who prefer to keep fighting until Al-Nasr Aw Ashahadah (victory or martyrdom.)

The FP's article is reinforcing the same familiar tone of most of the western media that prescribe an Arab surrender of Yemen - the last country around the GCC states-  to Iran and its Shia extremist proxies as the only way out of the financial attrition and of the international political pressure they face over the country's humanitarian crisis!

The FP and the likeminded media celebrated the ceasefire as a relief to the otherwise defeated Houthis in Aljawf warfront, knowing deep down inside the militants have not honored and (will not) the ceasefire from its first moments on early Thursday.

The militia fired rockets on government sites in the eastern and northern fronts and captured a key military barracks (Alkhanjar) in the afternoon of the first day of the ceasefire. 

Equally ill-intentioned is the UN Secretary General's urgent salutation of a ceasefire that Houthis have not yet verbally declared their acceptance of, much less complied with.

• Note: This article expresses the views of its author only. 





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