Exposing conspiratorial bias in favor of Houthis: Houthi crimes over past seven days (5-12 April).

Exposing conspiratorial bias in favor of Houthis: Houthi crimes over past seven days  (5-12 April).

By Nayef Khaled


Yemen's Shia Jihadist Houthis committed, within just the past seven days, several major crimes.

 They were all – save one - ignored by the UN's Yemen officials and in western media's coverage.

The crimes are:

  1. Devastating an oil installation including a key oil pipeline in the govt-controlled Marib east of Yemen on Sunday April 5.




  1. Killing and injuring 30 women in rocket shelling on a women jail in Al-Dhabab west of besieged Taiz city on April 5.




  1. Killing 11-year old boy Saber al-Samadi and injuring his nine year old brother Mohammed. Houthi sniper shot them as they climbed a Manila tamarind tree near their house in Taiz on April 7


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  1. Shooting dead one woman in Salah district in downtown Taiz on April 8. The Houthi sniper who shot her also kept firing continual rounds to prevent people from approaching and hospitalizing her. He shot injured one of them.


  1. Burning a five-memberfamily to death in Hadajah west of Taiz on April 8. An armed gang affiliate to a local Houthi militant leader set a blaze the house of the family which belongs to the marginalized class of Akhdam (black slaves) killing all the five members including three children. Because the family is from the marginalized class the story did not even get enough media attention locally (in Yemeni media).




  1. Firing ballistic missile on a house in Al-Wadi district in Marib on 11 April.

Three people were injured and children and women were terrified in the house which belongs to a tribal chieftain.


  1. Firing two ballistic missiles on Marib city. Both were intercepted by the Coalition's air defenses




The above crimes save one were all ignored by the UN's officials and western media which openly adopt Houthi narratives and therefore mostly come up with civilian casualties on Houthi side of the battle lines.

After an exceptional and blistering Yemeni campaign against the UN and media's silence at the Houthi genocidal shelling of women prisoners did the UN's Special Envoy and Humanitarian Coordinator condemn the attack.


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