Houthis utilize ceasefire for military reinforcement

Houthis utilize ceasefire for military reinforcement

Alsahwa Net- While the Yemeni government and the Saudi-led coalition have responded positively to the United Nations (UN) ceasefire calls, the Houthis militia continued military escalation in various warfronts.

The Houthis ignore the UN calls for ceasefire in Yemen to scale up efforts to counter risks of the COVID-19.

So far, the government forces showed full commitment to the unilateral ceasefire that began on Thursday 9 April.

The government’s move received international welcome and support that affirmed the need for collective response to counter the COVID-19.

However, the government forces had to respond to the Houthis’ attacks and managed to fail several attempts of infiltrations by the Houthis’ militants in al-Baida, Marib and Nehm.

Military sources of the government said that the Houthis rebels use the unilateral ceasefire to bomb residential areas and send new military reinforcements to their posts in various warfronts.

The government’s forces killed 66 Houthis’ fighters since the unilateral ceasefire announced, according to the Yemeni military sources.

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