Rising anger to Houthis’ death sentence against journalists

Rising anger to Houthis’ death sentence against journalists


Alsahwa Net- Anger is growing among the Yemeni journalists and human rights defenders as the Houthis militia sentenced last Saturday four detained journalists to death.

Several Yemeni reporters and human rights activists who expressed their annoyance to the sentence on various social media platforms, have called for join international efforts to save lives of their fellow detained journalists.

They affirmed that the Houthis do not recognize authority of the judiciary system and that the death sentence was merely a translation of instruction made by their leader, Abdulamlik Al-Houthi who stated on television his hostility against journalists.

Member of the Yemeni Parliament, Shawqi Al-Qadi, said that the Houthis’ action against the detained reporters confirms that the Houthis group does not believe in coexistence, does not favor peace and will not accept it unless defeated by the war. 

For his part, Ali Al-Faqih, a Yemeni journalist said that it is the Houthis’ leaders who must be in prison and prosecuted over their crimes that damaged everything in the country.

Al-Faqih criticized silence by the international human rights organization that stood watching persecution chain being inflicted on a group of the detained journalists without taking any efforts for their protection.

Rashad Al-Shara’abi, a Yemeni writer said that the Houthis militia has been persecuting journalists and media outlets prior seizing the capital Sana’a in September 2014.

Abdulraqeeb Al-Hadyani, a pro-government journalist said that the United Nations and its special envoy to Yemen are responsible to safety of the fellow detained journalists.

Nabil Subai’, a Yemeni journalist said that it is a tragic irony that the Houthis sentenced the detained journalists to death over alleged “espionage” while they have been in detention since the war broke out in 2015.

“How can these journalists contact anyone while they spent the war period in prison and banned from communication to their mothers, children and wives,” Subai’ said.

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