Western journalists’ accomplices in killing Yemeni journalists

Western journalists’ accomplices in killing Yemeni journalists



By Sarah Hassan

I've never imagined that I would in my lifetime see journalists support a religious organization that kill fellow journalists.

The western news websites covering the six-year Yemeni armed conflict have displayed a unique bias in favor of the Shia theocratic Jihadists – known as the Houthi rebel militia. 

Almost all the leading western media from the CNN through Reuters, the Guardian, the Associated Press, New York Times, the Washington Post and the Middle East Monitor to the Antiwar report Yemen's war through the prism of the victimhood of the Houthi organization.

The organization that killed, injured, detained, tortured, banished and forced out of the country hundreds of journalists among thousands of other activists. 

The organization that openly sentenced few journalists to death and kept more under constant torture in unknown jails.

The luckiest of them are the four journalists who were sentenced to death in Sana'a on Saturday. With much international pressures, the sentences in this case may be commuted. But tens of more unfortunate journalists remain forcibly disappeared in the jails of Sana'a, Hodeidah and Amran.

Hundreds of other journalists are in exile outside Yemen or in government's held side of the country and not able to return back to their hometowns and may not reunion with their families forever.

Meanwhile, the western media are not only avoiding addressing the Houthi abuses, but they have slanted coverage to reflect the sole views of the Houthis and cast the organization in a good light: victims, civilians, peaceful and popular reasonable government.


They address the Yemen "civilian casualties and humanitarian crisis" issues from the exact perspective of Houthis and exaggerate them at the expense of the organization's guilt in triggering and perpetuating them.

This open support by US and British journalists to Houthis despite seeing the religious organization uproot press freedom (as all forms of dissent) makes them accomplices and history will record that they supported the Shia hardliners kill journalists and uproo press freedom in Yemen.




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