Enlisting terrorists in fighting a virus. Super ridiculous UN

Enlisting terrorists in fighting a virus. Super ridiculous UN


By Sarah Hassan

The UN's too suddenly imposed ceasefire on the government and Arab Coalition from a unilateral side last Thursday was widely perceived as a rush to the rescue of Houthis.

The Houthis had retreated on the ground and neared losing the entire territorial gains they had secured a month earlier – mainly the northern city of Al-Hazm.  Very provocative. Isn't it?

But the UN's conspiratorial move had a ridiculous side too: the use of coronavirus fears pretext to stop the battles to save the militants.

Hours after the declaration of the ceasefire, the UN peace mediator to Yemen Martin Griffiths said he was grateful to Saudi Arabia and the Coalition "for recognizing and acting on this critical moment for Yemen."

Yemeni social media users widely mocked the phrase saying his true worry was about the critical moments Houthis were going through before he pushed for the ceasefire.   

The UN wanted to refocus the efforts of the government and the Shia Jihadists on fighting the virus! "Super ridiculous," says Saeed al-Oqbi a Yemeni political analyst as we discussed the matter. "The UN certainly knows that Houthis have no interest in such missions. As terrorist claimants of a 'God-given right' to rule, they are only after this single goal."

Saeed says it is ridiculous "to enlist Jihadists in the fight against a virus and it is silly to enlist the more dangerous to fight against the less dangerous."



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