YJS rejects death sentence against four journalists

YJS rejects death sentence against four journalists

The Yemeni journalist Syndicate (YJS) has followed the arbitrary ruling issued by the unauthorized Specialized Criminal Court [the state security court] in Sana’a.

The sentence ruled four journalists to death and kept six others under watch for three years after being “satisfied with their nearly six-year imprisonment.

The YJS rejects this unfair ruling which abuses the freedom of opinion and expression.

The YJS views the ruling as a continuation of persecution chain which is being committed against the journalists. The sentenced fellow journalists have been subjected to abduction, enforced disappearance, torture and harsh detention conditions.

All kinds of mistreatment that have been inflicted on them were illegal. The detained journalists were deprived from rights to medication and banned from visitation. The victims and their families were exposed to phycological damage. All these forms of persecution have led to mounting brutality against the press and the media professionals.

The YJS understands sufferings of the detained fellow journalists and their families and works hardly to halt such conditions as well as the violence that was inflicted on them by the Houthis armed group.

The Houthis dealt brutally with the detained journalists and rejected all efforts for their release.

This ruling coincides with calls by the YJS and the International Federation of Journalists on the need of urgent release of the detained journalists and all detainees particularly with the appearance of the coronavirus in Yemen.

This unfair sentence reveals to the world the inhumane treatment the detained journalists had experienced during the six-year captivity with no care to the human rights and the legal and ethical obligations to the abductees.

Faced by this injustice , the YJS calls on all organizations concerned with the freedom of expression headed by the International Federation of Journalists, Federation of Arab Journalists and Office of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen to reject this unfair sentence, exercise pressures to revoke it and exert more efforts for release of the journalists and end of their sufferings.

The court sentenced the fellow journalists: Abdulakhleq Amran, Akram Al-Waleedi, Hareth Humaid and Tawifq Al-Mansoori to death during today’s session which was held in absence of their lawyer.

It ruled imprisonment against Hesham Tarmoom, Hesham Al-Yousufi, Haitham Raweh, Esam Belghaith, Hassan Annab and Salah Al-Qaidi. It said that that period of their detention is satisfied, but to be kept under watch for three years and that seized items to be confiscated.

The Yemeni Journalist Syndicate

April 11, 2020

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