When did Houthis ever honor a ceasefire?

When did Houthis ever honor a ceasefire?

By Sarah Hassan


Had they honored any ceasefire proposal before, there would have been no war anymore.

Moments after the Arab Coalition announced a unilateral ceasefire last midnight, the Shia maximalist theocrats fired mortar rounds on the government-held side in the city of Hodeidah and ballistic missiles on the government parts of Aljawf and Marib cities.

Throughout the history of their conflicts from the "six wars" with the former regime 2004-2009 to the present time war with the UN-recognized government, the militants used every round of ceasefire or peace talks to re-organize troops hastily and double down for a new comeback to violence with a fresh stamina. 

The militants' only goal is to secure the reign and domination for the Houthi clan as "descendants of prophet Mohammed" according to their sectarian Shia ideology.

That is why the terrorist organization came into being. If it was not for this goal, the organization would not have been formed.

The UN knows this, the international community know this, the western intellectuals know this, the international press community know this and the intelligence agencies of the whole world countries know this.

They realize very well that as maximalist religious theocratic organization, Houthis will stay true to their full maximalist principles and so they will honor no ceasefire but the famous pledge they made: "to fight the enemy until the Day of Judgment."

Everyone knows, but they act like they don't know

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