Houthis breach ceasefire too early

Houthis breach ceasefire too early

Alsahwa Net- Yemen's Houthi militants shelled the outpost of the army in eastern and central Yemen on Thursday, breaching too early a two-week ceasefire that went into effect from the beginning of the day.

Yemeni military sources said the theocratic extremists shelled the army's sites in Serwah in the eastern province of Marib this afternoon and launched a salvo of artillery fire on the army's sites in Nate'a and Almalajem in central Yemen's Beidha province in the evening of the same day.

The government and the Arab Coalition backing it unilaterally declared a ceasefire that the UN called for on the hope it will evolve to a permanent peace.

Yemen's Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadhrami said the Houthi rejection of ceasefire "indicates the militia do not want peace."

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