Houthis burn alive marginalized family to death in Taiz. Does anyone care?

Houthis burn alive marginalized family to death in Taiz. Does anyone care?

Alsahwa Net- Shia Islamic militants burned a whole family of marginalized Yemenis to death in their home in Yemen's central province of Taiz on Wednesday afternoon, local sources have just reported.

The sources said a gang of militants affiliate to a Houthi militant leader in Hajdah in Taiz set a blaze the house of the family which belongs to the marginalized Yemeni class of Akhdam in Hajdah west of Taiz city killing five members of the family including three children. 

At the same time in Salah district, somewhere else within the city, a Houthi sniper gunned down a woman and kept shooting fire to prevent anyone from hospitalizing her until she died. One person who tried to hospitalize her was injured.

Two days ago, the extremists fired rockets on a women-only prison within the same city they have been besieging for six years. The attack has so far resulted in the death of seven women and one child and the injury of 22 other women.

The day before, another sniper had shot dead a child and injured his brother as they were climbing up a tree to pluck the fruit of Manila tamarind.

The Houthi militia's genocidal acts and horrific execution of civilians and children are widely overlooked by the western media which habitually rather slant coverage to cast the theocratic militia in a good light and militia's oppositionists in a bad one.


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