Military spokesman: Army advances against Houthis in several fronts

Military spokesman: Army advances against Houthis in several fronts

Alsahwa Net-Spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, Abdo Mujali said on Wednesday that the army made great advances in various warfronts against the Iran-backed Houthis militia.

Mujali said that support by the tribesmen and the warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition assisted the army to achieve field success against the rebels.

The mouthpiece of the Yemeni military, 26 September Net quoted Mujali saying that the army changed from the defense to the attack in different fronts.

This shift in the fighting in favor of the army enabled the army to liberate several sites and areas from the Houthis militants who sustained great loss in personnel and equipment, Mujali said.

He indicated that the progress against the Houthis came in response to their escalation that included bombings targeted the civilians and key economic installations.

The army took over several key posts in Qanya front of Al-Baida and recaptured Al-Libnat Military Camp in Al-Jawf, according to Mujali.

The military is advancing towards Al-Hazm, capital of Al-Jawf that it lost early last month.

In Serwah of Marib, the military continues advancing in Haylan mountain and retook several important posts, Mujali said.

In response to the military progress, the Houthis militia continued firing ballistic missiles at residential areas of Marib that hit the civilians and economic infrastructure.

The Houthis attacked last Sunday the pumping station of Safer oil pipelines in Serwah and the women’s section of the Central Prison in Taiz city.

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