Rich with ballistic missiles, Shia extremists search for flimsy excuses to use them

Rich with ballistic missiles, Shia extremists search for flimsy excuses to use them

By Sarah Hassan

Rich with ballistic missiles they boast about "developing" every now and then, Yemen's Shia extremist Houthis appear to search for the flimsiest excuse to use them. 
The Deputy Foreign Minister in the self-styled government of the Jihadist theocratic organization controlling Sana'a, Hussein al-Ezzi, threatened to make new strikes with ballistic missiles on government-run entry ports if the government "does not examine and quarantine" passengers arriving from abroad to prevent coronavirus spill. 
"Any negligence in taking these measures means we should do one thing: destroy these entry ports and turn them to ashes by using our missile forces. For this is part of our national humanitarian duties," he tweeted on Friday.  
The following day, the extremists fired a missile on a vital oil facility including a key pipeline in Serwah district in the oil-rich province of Marib under the government's control ! It was perceived on the government's side as a Houthi trend to enjoy their missile capability to raze the economic infrastructure under the government's control after using them to inflict an effective damage to the economic installations of Yemen's neighbor, Saudi Arabia.   

Having too many of them, Houthis have even been using ballistic missiles where it is not militarily the efficient and appropriate weapon to use considering the target, e.g. neighborhoods and houses in impregnable government strongholds. Last month the terror organization struck a several houses in Aziraah and Arrowdha neighborhoods in Marib with such missiles, to kill pro-government civilians and public morale.

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