Houthis: A desire to kill the people and destroy the economy

Houthis: A desire to kill the people and destroy the economy

"Whenever he attains authority, he goes about the earth spreading mischief and laying to waste crops and human life, even though Allah (whose testimony he invokes) does not love mischief." The previous is a verse in the Holy Quran. The Houthi violence observed in the past few days boils down to this concept. 
The theocratic militants' attack on an oil facility including a key pipeline on Saturday was the latest attack on the government-held economic infrastructure. The militia had threatened two days ago hit with missile the country's ports of entry. 
The following day, the Shia extremists killed six women and injured 28 others in an attack on a women-only prison in the besieged city of Taiz at a time when no clashes with government forces were ever going on. The militia have killed two children and one 24 year old woman since then by sniper shootings and several other civilians by firing rockets into the city.

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