Report: Houthis committed 55 thousand violations in Al-Jawf

Report: Houthis committed 55 thousand violations in Al-Jawf

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis committed 55,000 violations against the civilians in Al-Jawf since they began their military escalation early last March, according to report released by the Human Rights Office in the governorate.

Undersecretary of Al-Jawf governorate, Abdullah Al-Hashedi said in a press conference in Marib city that the Houthis rebels commit atrocities against the people of Al-Jawf.

Reported crimes included murder, forcible displacement, storming opponents’ houses and detonating them, Al-Hashedi said.

He indicated that other documented violations include also conscription of children, abduction, enforced disappearance and halting public services.

He criticized silence by the international community towards such serious abuses.

For his part, general manager of the Human Rights Office in Al-Jawf, Abdulhadi Al-Assar, said that the report covered abuses committed by the Houthis during the past March.

Al-Assar said that the Houthis have changed some public facilities including schools and hospitals into barracks and detention centers.  

The Houthis forced 7,000 families to leave home and suspended 5,000 teachers from work, according to Al-Assar.

Displaced families were vulnerable to looting by the Houthis affiliated gunmen while on their journey to their new locations.

Following their seizure of Al-Hazm city, capital of Al-Jawf, The Houthis militants looted commercial shops and arbitrarily detained thousands of people suspected of being on connection to the government’s forces, Al-Assar said.

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