Islah calls for swift move to save Qahtan

Islah calls for swift move to save Qahtan

Alsahwa Net- The Islah party called on the United Nations (UN), the UN Security Council and all human rights organizations to move swiftly for saving the forcibly disappeared Mohamed Qahtan.

Qahtan has been in an enforced disappearance for five years with no respect to his old age and his health condition.

In a statement released on Sunday 5 April which marks the fifth anniversary of Qahtan’s abduction, the Islah party demanded the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, to act upon his responsibility towards the forcibly disappeared people in the Houthis-run prisons.

It said that international community stands blind to the case of Yemeni forcible disappeared people including Qahtan.

Several forcible disappeared people including Qahtan has not been released despite the UNSC resolution that called for release of detainees that includes Qahtan, general Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, general Faysal Rajab, and General Nasser Mansour Hadi. 

“The Yemeni forcibly disappeared people committed no crime except that they stood against the Houthis’ coup,” the statement read.

It held the Houthis accountable to safety of all the forcibly disappeared people including Qahtan amid the potential spread of the coronavirus.


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