Human rights organizations ignore the forcibly disappeared Qahtan

Human rights organizations ignore the forcibly disappeared Qahtan

Alsahwa Net- International human rights organizations have been blamed for deliberate negligence to cases of enforced disappearances in Yemen.

One of the prominent cases that received no interest by the human rights organizations is the five-year forcible disappeared Mohamed Qahtan.

Qahtan is a prominent Yemeni politician who was abducted from home in the capital Sana’a by the Houthis rebels on 5 April 2015.

During his first months of disappearance, the Amnesty International reported psychological and physical torture inflicted on Qahtan.

The organization confirmed then that Qahtan was also deprived from medication.

 However, the organization never provided any more updates on Qahtan or any other case of enforced disappearance in Yemen since 2015.

When documented worldwide disappearances, the organization did not include Yemen in in the list of worst offending countries of disappearance despite death of 150 Yemeni forcibly disappeared people as a result of torture in detention.

Position of the international community did not go beyond demands to the Houthis militia to release arbitrary detainees with no pressures on the militia to disclose location of Qahtan’s detention.

Qahtan used to be in the limelight for his courageous statements against the Houthis’ coup.

The media outlets used to compete for having his quote in their press coverage on Yemen’s political affairs.

His enemies understood that his media statements threaten their coup more than an entire army.

Every word or sentence uttered by Qahtan represented an artillery shell that shook the rebels’ seat.

That is why they threw him in unknown prison and banned visitation and communication to him.

Yet, Qahtan remains well-remembered for his renowned statement that says that the Houthis’ coup is merely a bubble that will vanish off the face of Yemen.

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