Everybody in this world, look here

Everybody in this world, look here

Sarah Hassan
The western media are consistently and persistently biased in a blind manner in favour of the Shia extremists against the rest of the Yemeni nation.  
This bias has been noticed over the years, and lots of writings were made to lay it bare but the outlets have not felt ashamed. 
Day by day Yemeni writers are citing case-in-points of this portrayal of Houthi as victims and ignorance of the atrocities that befall Yemeni masses at the hands of the Shia extremists. 
Let's contemplate the most fresh of examples:  On Wednesday the Arab Coalition launched airstrikes on Houthi military sites in the capital Sana'a. 
As usual, Houthis claimed, a collateral damage: 70 horses. Although the narrative was not strong and showed only the pictures of two dead horses, more than six websites including the US-based Antiwar and the UK-based Middle East Monitor took the Houthi word for it and made the usual outcry. 
Today (Sunday afternoon), the Shia extremists besieging the government-held city of Taiz fired a new rocket on a jail in the city, killing six female prisoners and injuring 24 others. 
As usual, because it is a Houthi crime in a government-held city, I guarantee you that no US or European news website will ever write a word about it. 
Everybody notices this and check with me tomorrow: search Yemen in google news. You won't find anything written about it. 
Everybody, look and wonder !

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